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April 15th. Newbridge Classic



Dave Pell, Josh Gundry, Jarrod Moroni, Darren Casey, John Macague, Steve Cunneen, Nick Shipp

4 min:
Leigh Westcott, Andrew Mason, Ryan Pontelandolfo, Tim Bennett, Shane Freer, Troy West, Steve Pearson

7 min:
Andy Stirling, Justin Leske, Gordon Donaldson, Noel Knight, Jess Berry, Shane Thompson, Dave Heath, David Allott, Grant Barnett, Dave Mannix, Simon Pettit, Lachlan Ritchie

12 min:
Noel Sens, Ron McCulloch, Tom Bastian, Shane Lowe, Dale Lowe, Luke Barbetti,Mark Williams, Jordan Lucas, Mick Anderson, Ashlin Casey, Paul Evans, David Stokes

14 min:
Clare McKechnie, Peter Moroni, Bruce Tonkin, Michael Sait, Laurie Naughton, Micah Leske,  Trevor Phelps, Leila Bunnett

17 min :
Graeme Lockwood, Adam Nicholson, Esther Pugh-U’ren, Todd Schintler, Paul Dynon, Sam Conder, James Thompson, Derek Bennett, Justin Kennedy

30 min:  Andy Summers, Ann I’Anson

1st Tom Bastian 1:36:10

2nd Shane Lowe

3rd Mark Williams

4th Mick Anderson

5th Peter Moroni

6th Paul Dynon

7th Jordan Lucas

8th Mick Sait

9th Derek Bennett

10th Bruce Tonkin

UP/V; Noel Sens

F/T Jarrod Moroni 1:40:20

All outer bunches together at Laanecoorie turn off the Dunolly road with the exception of limit.Through nofault of their own, limit had gone through the intersection to Eddington. Still, although traveling a few more K’s than the rest of the race at least Ann was at the finish to watch the mass sprint. The 4 min bunch came in 3 min after the main bunch followed by scratch, who were a made-up bunch due to the Grampians Tour.